Designers, look after Andrae. He's our little lamb.

surprise me with a puppy and i'll hug your neck


{I'm just a little girlboy trying to make my way in a man's world} --Bitch & Animal

.x. .x. .x.

My icon journal: little_it_icons.
My poem journal: aberrantone.
My old journal: janegirl.

Things I like most right now: Greenfield Village & goats
Things I don't like: i am poor + clinicals next month! scary!


Brokeback Mountain mood theme by octoberskies.

Kitten is Cross-Dressing Irish Love

by xxhouse_lovexx

Diego Luna is SEX.

Foxfire burns and burns.

Cody is love hate.

Third Watch is love.

The Little Folksinger is love

I may hate what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. --Voltaire
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